Sunday, December 29, 2013

TUSAL 2013

As 2013 nears the end and the time draws near for TUSAL 2014 to begin - I thought I'd share with you my TUSAL jar full of orts from the past 18 months.


Here is the little fabric portable ort collector that I drag with me everywhere - it doubles as a needle minder from time to time.  The Jar I am keeping to use - it works well and will be kept in plain sight this coming year so that I can remember to add to my blog on a regular basis.
The project is my current WIP using a combination of Picture this Plus hand dyed fabric, DMC 4210 and Anchor 1301. I'm stitching a freebie found on this German Blogger site - click here- it was released as a December Advent calendar in 24 sections - of course, I didn't find it until Dec 19, so I'm way behind - and in fact, didn't start from section 1, but instead put all the pieces together and have started in the middle...
I've also changed the wording and made a couple of adjustments to the pattern - as I tend to do...  you'll just have to wait and see how it turns out
Happy New Year everybody!!


Chris said...

I love your late holiday start!
Happy New Year!!

Lisa Sener said...

I love your advent stitch!! I am going to use 'Swamp' fabric for more Christmas stitches thanks to you. Rock on Bronny! I pray 2014 is an awesome year for you!!


Pat said...

Just picked up ur fantastic blog from ireland. It takes energy to be so creative and to sustain it, HANTASTIC - i love it. please keep it up!!!