Monday, April 25, 2011

My latest finish - Hot off the needle ! (not sheepish!)

A finish !   
It's NOT a sheep !!!
This is the second of the 7 snowman WIP's started on 31st December.
It's a freebie found Marika Belfiori's blog some time ago.  It was the only piece of stitching that was affected by the great house flood of Feb 11.  The ink from the printed chart bled onto the fabric, but not too badly.  I cannot get a good pic of the finish, but the fabric is a soft pinky lilac shade.  Once again, this will most likely be finished into a small wall hanging.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Winners - Winners - Winners !!!!!

It's been awhile, but for those 20 that posted on my giveaway blog - today is it!!!

I have the names all written out and they are all in the bowl of Destiny....(aka little green jadeite mixmaster bowl)

The winners are:::........


Congratulations - Please email me with your snail-mail address and I'll send each of you a Sheepie Siblings Scissor fob.

Oh... what??  you want more??  I suppose I can part with the birdhouse sampler cushion I more name....Terri Boog !!!   Not a sheep I'm afraid, and I think to send it overseas, I might have to take the insert out.

I'll post pictures of the sheepie fobs once in the mail....Thank you to everybody who comments on my blog. Your lovely comments are what make my day.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baa Baa Blackwork Sheep - another for my flock of finishes!

Another quick sheepie finish.  It's a very soft aida fabric, very cream in colour.  I have plans to incorporate this little design into a tote sometime very soon.

So many sheepies, so little time to stitch.....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sheepie Finish - RAM.Z.A.C 11-4-11

Here is my monthly sheepie offering for April.


In honour of all our Diggers and to celebrate A.N.Z.A.C day on 25th April - this month I added slouch hats to the sheep and spent ages charting a basic Rising Sun emblem.  Even John approves - and for him saying something complimentary about my stitching is rare!

I am so happy how this turned out - I like the chin straps too.  This project has re-vitalised my stitching, bringing it back to FUN.  I was in serious danger of becoming too embroiled into my stitching, to the exclusiveness of everything else.
By setting myself a set of fun rules for this year's stitching, I'm effectively taking a break from the uber-serious stitching and relaxing into my stitching.

And it is long overdue to draw the prize for my Mystery Giveaway - although I've not yet finished all the prizes.  I'll draw names on Saturday.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally after a fortnight - finishes and faux piping! Oh - also TUSAL

I've had a fit of finishing frenzy today.  Today, I finally put the buttons and buttonholes where needed and made the cushion inserts for the 4 cushions finished with Chris a fortnight ago.
You can see the faux piping on the snowman and sheepie cushions.  I promise, next time I use that technique, to take photos to show how easy it is.  The other two cushions were finished in 2009, but were waiting for me to finish and put the backs on the cushions.
Speaking of backs of cushions...check out the back of the blacksheep cushion - is that fabulous or what??
I'm really, really pleased with the button and tassel look.  It is my favourite cushion finish of all time.

Here is a closer look of the birdhouse and Well Behaved Women cushions - they look so great and I'm glad to have them finished after all this time.
The final finish for the day is my little snowman banner.  This little snowman was one of my New Year's Eve Snowmen WIP's, and the first of that group finished.  The fabric used is just perfect for it, and I love the little pointy bit. (Thank's Chris)  A fortnight ago, I found the beads that fit either end of the kebab skewer to make the hanger.  The beads were a perfect match for the colour of the stitching and with a bit of a whittle and a smidge of wood-glue were a perfect fit!  I had always intended to use the crystal beads, but mixed them with the pearl beads - Drops on the bottom and a swag effect across the top.  Pretty Nifty!

To finish off - here is my T.U.S.A.L for this month - a day early instead of late this time around.  Might as well get the photo while it's daylight!  Lots of white and black floss from the latest needlebook sheepie and a lot of white from my mystery givaway gifts - yes I have not forgotten that 4 weeks ago, I promised a giveaway.  There are 19 comments on that particular post, but I'm still stitching at least 5 gifts.  I hope to have them all finished by the end of next weekend, then I'll be able to draw winners.  I just don't feel right to draw winners when I don't have finished prizes to post out.