Monday, April 11, 2011

Sheepie Finish - RAM.Z.A.C 11-4-11

Here is my monthly sheepie offering for April.


In honour of all our Diggers and to celebrate A.N.Z.A.C day on 25th April - this month I added slouch hats to the sheep and spent ages charting a basic Rising Sun emblem.  Even John approves - and for him saying something complimentary about my stitching is rare!

I am so happy how this turned out - I like the chin straps too.  This project has re-vitalised my stitching, bringing it back to FUN.  I was in serious danger of becoming too embroiled into my stitching, to the exclusiveness of everything else.
By setting myself a set of fun rules for this year's stitching, I'm effectively taking a break from the uber-serious stitching and relaxing into my stitching.

And it is long overdue to draw the prize for my Mystery Giveaway - although I've not yet finished all the prizes.  I'll draw names on Saturday.


Bette said...

Very cute! Love how you're changing them up every month.

Karen 'n Chris said...

Has more than one meaning right now. Finished collection is going to be really interesting.