Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thoughts on recent natural Disasters - QLD- NSW-VIC-WA and now NZ

So sad at the moment.  I feel so overwhelmed by this latest natural tragedy to have struck in the Southern Hemisphere.  We are dealing slowly with the extent of the QLD cyclone and floods, followed by the Victorian Floods, the WA bushfires, now, today, the news of the NZ earthquake.
I feel so much compassion for our Kiwi neighbours, feeling so helpless yet again at the events as they are unfolding.
I truly do not mean any offence at this remark, but "WHOEVER IT IS - WILL YOU STOP KICKING THAT CHINAMAN?????"
(part of me asks - "Do Chinamen ask who is kicking the Englishman?")
I am not religious, and cannot ask a deity for answers, but ask that everybody can contact their loved ones and friends affected by these shattering events and hug them.  I hope that they are safe and accounted for.
The enormity of the necessary recovery for these areas is staggering - I wish for strength for all those involved in the rescuing and recovery.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I give thanks for plastic tubs..............

Got home from work yesterday evening to discover that at some point during the day, the hose fitting at the washing machine spat the dummy - the water was coming out the front door.
There was a 2inch layer of water through the whole house.
Right now, we're using a borrowed wet/dry vac to get the worst of the water from the carpets.  All John's musical instruments are safe, although Martin's computer may not be so healthy - we will find out when it dries out, how much damage to the whole machine.  We are all guilty of floor-drobes, so I currently have a bathtub full of wet clothing to sort and wash.
One bit of damage, is that Martha was sitting in an inch of water.  The water has soaked through and some of the colour in the bottom border has bled into the fabric.  There is nothing I can do about it, I've not got the abiltity to professionally clean this at the moment, so I'll just add the damage as part of the history of the piece. 
Apart from all that - 95% of my stitching was sitting in plastic tubs and there are just a few charts and magazines that are now drying out.  All my sheepies are safe and dry.  One of my snowmen WIP is a wee bit damp, but not fatally.
I'll be back in a few days with some stitching updates.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Ewe-nique pink sheepie finish!!

Hot off the needles - 2 minutes before I'm due to start work (obsessed or what???)
Same freebie chart as the one finished 11.1.11 - and of course you realise now that I'll have to have one finished for 11.3.11.  I'm thinking of ewe-sing the same chart for each month and just adapt it slightly and at the end of the year - stitch it into a quilt.

What do you think?  That would be a EWE-nique way of finishing it all off - wouldn't it??

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ewe-phoria ! Another Sheepie Finish!!

Sisters & Best Friends Chart: Black Sheep Again!
Stitched on dusky pink aida using Wisper thread (White, Ecru and Chocolate) for the sheep and DMC for the legs, heads and lettering.  Mill Hill beads for the garland.  Not using the required colours for the chart because I don't have to.
I still need to wash it and fluff up the Wisper, but this one can go into the 'Done' pile.
I have no idea what the next sheepie chart will be - might take a dive into the WIP pile first. (I'll let you all know when I figure it out!)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

T.U.S.A.L - lots of fluffy white bits

Hi all,

Sorry, have had a fit of the blah's since the most tremendous party in the history of the Baconverse.  It may have been the heat that seeped into the bones that meant I really did not feel up to stitching at all during the week.  Today, I had intended to sit and stitch and typically, fell asleep in the chair.  
Victoria was hit with a wall of water last night and our street flooded.  Our house was one of the lucky ones and we remained flood free, but there is damage to the road and I believe at the moment, Pakenham is cut off from the rest of the known world (ahhh - Facebook -where would we be without it????)
However, I do need to show off my TUSAL jar for February - it is mostly full of white and wisper fibres - hmmm do I suspect sheep stitching to be the cause of this???
I'm up to attaching beads to the latest sheepie project, may be able to stay awake long enough to complete it tomorrow... will post pictures then.
Until then, stay dry!