Monday, December 12, 2011

11-12-11 - It's time for the Decem-baaaaa Sheepie

Frantically stitching tonight - I've stitched so much today - left it until the last 2hours 10 minutes of 11-12-11 to start, stitch and finish my Decem-baa sheepie!
I made it with a minute to spare (although, due to a 5 minute phone call - the beads on the tree were stitched just after midnight - but it was all stitched in time!!!!
These three sheep take it through to 94 sheep for the year - do you think I can make it to 100  ???

I was very busy this afternoon - If my boss or my workmates are looking at my blog.........turn away NOW !!!
You've not shown interest before.......why start now?

......................  go on.....  
I don't want to spoil your surprise....

All clear?????

OK - I was putting the last stitch into this Map Wallet, when I realised that most people nowadays use GPS.  Talk about a blonde moment!  Well, I hope my boss likes this anyway - drafted my own pattern (read: make it up as I go along....)  I'm really pleased how this turned out - I hope he can use it anyway.
And for somebody who's name begins with 'S' - While I was stitching this small sheepie design, I had always intended to finish it off as a tote-bag.  Once again, drafting my own pattern (read: as above..) I made this little bag up and I'm so pleased with it.  It is fully lined, with a small pocket inside, as well as the pocket on the outside with the sheep panel.  It's well and truly top-stitched and not likely to fall apart in a hurry.
Another project went flying - it wasn't working out at all well, the weight of the fabric was annoying me, so I've shelved that project for another time - I'll rescue the fabric and use it on something else.

Next, I grabbed some ornaments that were finished last year (or the year before) and got them ready to hand sew some embellishements on to be hung from the tree.

A very busy stitchity Sunday.  How are your stitching plans going for December???


cucki said...

hello dear, great sheepie stitching..i love the bag so much..very sweet..
and the christmas ornament are super sweet..
my december stitchy plans are going so happy :)
keep well and have fun.

Bette said...

Go for 100. You can do it.

gracie said...

What nice gifts...lucky friends. Is this the last your ewe'r sheep ornaments? They have been so cute and clever.

christhequilter said...

at this rate, you WILL be a quilter!!



: )