Sunday, September 11, 2011

Year of the Sheepie - September

I know the date 11-9-11 has sorrowful connotations for most of the western civilisation, but I don't wish to dwell on the tragedy that changed our world irrevocably.  I'll mourn privately, the loss of international innocence.  I have my own intense memories of that morning, which are still too raw to share.

Lest We Forget.  (Associated with ANZAC and wartime memorials, yet still appropriate)

However, following all the previous months - here is my 11-9-11 Sheepie.

As it is now Springtime here in Australia, I thought a BBQ was appropriate.  I can pretend the grass under the bbq utensils are mint and rosemary.......

Thank you for sharing my journey this year.  I'm still thinking of next year's theme.  Nothing spectacular has leapt out at me, so I'm still swivelling around Cats/Santas/Houses and pretty much all Samplers.


cucki said...

lovely stitching and hugs for you from my heart xx

Shelley said...

LOL.. awesome piece Bronny! The grass does look like rosemary - you did well :p

Kaisievic said...

Hi Bronny,

Just discovered your lovely blog thanks to Jo at Serendipitous Stitching. I would love your Sheep farm design if you are still happy to email the pdf.

My email address is
and my blog is

Thanks in anticipation,

Hugs Kaye xoxox

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Mint Sauce!

Go for cats next year, I have soooooo many freebies charts I can show you!

Sheepie farm (and added piggie) now on the small boy's wall.

Pauline said...

Love this one bronny and also french sheepie!

How about the year of the witch?

christhequilter said...

you KNOW I vote for cats!! : )

Pauline said...

Hey bronny, have you seen these freebies?

It's got some great free sheeepies!