Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Dance from me - my prize arrived

I am somewhat of a larger girl (blush-giggle) and it would have been a sight indeed had any of you been able to see into the mailroom at my work this morning!!!
I had returned to work after the seasonal break to find that my prize from Carolyn at Just One more Stitch had arrived.....

S.E.X at work!!! O callay-calloo!! So much skipping and hopping and silent screaming.
I'm cheating somewhat and using Carolyn's original blog photo to show it off...I've already started stitching the snowman pillow...just think...Snowmen for 2010!!!!! woo hoo!!!
There are some wonderful lengths of Debbie Mumm quilting fabric, some tuck pillow ornies, 2 quilt mags (brand new for me in Aust) - the last 2 JCS ornie issues, some wonderful hand cream, a little silk gauze kit (omg 40ct silk gauze!!), a little christmas pillow kit, a large pillow snowman kit, and some sampler GAST fibres.... oh drool - such a treasure trove of stash!

Thank you Carolyn - the news that I had won your competition made my day, and the arrival of your very generous gift made for an excellent start to my year!!!!


Bette said...

Wow! What a wonderful prize! Have a great time fondling all your new stash.

stitcheranon said...

ooo love-ley.
I dont think size has anything to do with how silly we can look when we get something lovely in the post..I am not that big but I can dance as mad as the next person.
So, less of the sizist comments adn def. no blushing lol...lets just get down 'widit'!!!!
Looking forward to seeing your snowmen!!!

Kathy said...

What a fabulous way to start work in the New Year! It sure looks like you got some fun things in your prize.


stitchinfiend said...

Yayyy what a wonderful present in the mail to start the New Year. Can't wait to see your snowman.

PaulineD said...

Woohoo S.E.X. at work! Congrats on your stash prize, it looks truly fabulous!

Carol said...

Congratulations on your wonderful prize--that will keep you busy for a l-o-n-g time :)