Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Memory Bag - thank you

I am pleasantly surprised at the compliments about my Memory Bag.
I cannot take the credit for the design of the bag, as somebody on my blog list posted a picture of their finish only about 2-3 weekends ago. It was such a simple idea - I had to try it out. I only wish I knew who it was so that I could thank them for the idea.
The idea of making little tags and calling it a Memory Bag came from nowhere but compassion for Maria. It is such a simple design and idea - I am more than happy if somebody wants to take the concept and run with it.
The next bag I make, I will take progress photos in an attempt to explain, step by step, how it's made. After receiving a lot of Halloween fabric in a recent exchange (and it's all so yummy - believe me!), my next bag will be a Halloween bag - for no real reason, but that I've got a few small finishes and I've now got the right fabric to finish them properly.
So, hopefully, Saturday looks like stitching day, and as long as the batteries in my camera work, I should be able to have some 'How-To' photos on Sunday. ( I really have to go to the family lunch on sunday????)
fingers crossed!


Tammy said...

I hope you have a good stitchy Saturday!

CindyMae said...

Looking forward to possible seeing some how to pics!! Have a great Stitching Saturday!