Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where has the time gone??

I had not realised it's been over a week since I'd posted any news. I've no pictures to share unfortunately, but then I've not completed anything lately.
Last Thursday was mine and Harry's birthday. I had not realised just how blue I'd become until the laughter started...
The good feelings started on the wednesday evening when a work colleague presented me with a display folder of charts that had belonged to her mother. Most of them were australiana charts from kits dated in the mid 80's. Perfect timing as they will be useful for quilt squares for the bushfire appeals.
On Thursday morning, Harry presented me with the DVD of the newest Indiana Jones movie. Martin presented me with an 'Up-light' - designed to sit on your lap so that the light will shine through the dark fabric and make it easier to stitch. Of course, you know I'll be using it as a light box!!!
Once I'd got to work, my friend Andrea gave me a packet of magazines and a toblerone - there are so many inspirational ideas within those magazines, I'm not sure where to start! I was also surprised with Mud Cake for morning tea!
Another girlfriend, Wendy, rocked up at lunchtime to spirit me away for a decadent lunch of KFC, then introduced me to a local Op-shop that I was not aware existed!! Bliss! I didn't buy anything there that day, but I can get back there easily at lunchtimes.
Not surprisingly, I didn't get much serious work done during the day.
After work, our friends - Ian & Sue joined us for a meal out at a local club - I so enjoyed my chicken parmigiana! John also presented me with his gift - a couple of Bronwyn Hayes stitchery kits - perfect to adorn the bag I'll have to make for my new light box.

Such a lovely day.

I've since been busy, stitching the first of the Bronwyn Hayes designs - and a few stitches here and there for a square for a bushfire quilt.

Of course, I need a new craft like a hole in the head - and i've fallen in love with the chickens at this site: http://www.fatcatpatterns.com/chickens.htm
My friend Karen gave me a heap of fabric to get this started for my birthday - and I'm eager for the weekend for time to get my machine out!!!

I'll try to get some photos of all my WIP in the next day or so.

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