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Monday 9 May 2022

MAY I share my WIP parade?

Hi All.

And here we go for 2022. I've spent up until 1 May stitching monogamously until all I had left were 7 BAP WIP 

So, I've spent a week kitting up and starting one or two projects...

Angry Cat
Durene Jones : Halloween SAL / Flowers & Bees SAL / Sleeping Cat / Stitching Sayings
Jardin Prive : Carre / ABC Sampler
Lizzie Kate - Plant a Little Kindness
Pinker & Punkin - Bees Blooms & Chickens
Stitchy Princess - Miss Sunflower
Shepherds Bush - Joy Sheep
Modern Folk Embroidery - 2021 SA Fruits of Plenty
Halloween Mag 2021 - Angry Cat/ Broomstick Brigade / Current Mood / I'm not Evil / Owl-oween.
and lastly - thanks to an intervention on the zoom meeting :
Long Dog Samplers - Tap Dancer
Now admittedly, several of these are smalls - under 50 x 50 stitches and a lot are on Aida, but there are a few BAP's - which will join with the existing 7 remaining WIPs in my list
English Floral Sampler
Shores of Hawk Run Hollow
Boothy Threads 12 days of Christmas
MIrabilia Mermaids of the Deep Blue
Jeremiah Junction - Stitcher's Panel
Jardin Prive - Histories de Moutons
Bronnybs Designs - Robert Burns Halloween
Bees and Flowers SAL
Now I have an even dozen WIPs Never mind the several designs lurking in my head that have yet to escape onto the design board.
Instead of Monogamous stitching I now have a weekly rotation - by type.  My weeks run Monday to Sunday and only loosely work around a calendar date.
1st week - kitting up and stitching all those lovely new charts that have spoken to me for that previous month.  This will othewise be a quick rotation of WIPS as take my fancy
2nd week  - BAP - Big A$$ed Projects
Projects and charts that are over 200 x 200 stitches in size.  Either one or however many I can put some stitching into for the one week
DJ Halloween SAL

3rd week - Christmas and Halloween.
Have you looked above?   Have you seen how many Halloween projects I have going??  Time to whip a few of these seasonal WIPs into line.  Bonus points if I FFO them
4th week - My designs.  I have so many ideas running in my head that I REALLY need to get them down on paper (or USB)  Most of them are samplers, but there are a few alternate ones here too
5th week - for some of those months where there is an extra few days. 
Bees Blooms & Chickens

Broomstick Brigade

Current Mood

I'm not Evil


so many projects - so little time

ABC Sampler


Plant a Little Sunshine

Miss Sunflower

Joy Sheep

How many WIPs do you have?
Sleeping Cat

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Cynthia said...

Good luck with your stitching schedule. As for how many WIPs I have, there are probably too many to count.